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Already Use Muckrack, Cision, or Meltwater?

Broadry is the new content service for public relations pros. We don't replace your favorite Public Relations Management (PRM) tools. Publicists use Broadry to help launch paid broadcast campaigns for clients.

Broadcast PR Opportunities

Forget checking in with multiple influencers, media tour companies, and producers. We do the hard work for you.


Compare Media Tours

We are changing the way publicists find media tours. Gain access to the latest co-op calendars from top tour companies all in one place. No more back-and-forth emails. Get it fast, when you want it. 


Easily Find On-Air Talent

Get dibs on broadcast opportunities and connect with vetted on-air talent directly. Send private messages, request rates, upcoming opportunities. Use our broadTALENT algorithm find an ideal talent match for your next campaign.


Helping PR & Marketing Streamline Broadcast Campaigns

Meet Broadcast Influencers

Use BroadTALENT matching tool to find on-air professionals for your next broadcast campaign.

Get Broadcast Calendars

Learn of upcoming broadcast opportunities before the competition does. Media tours and producer calendars in one place.

Compare VMT, SMT, RMT

Get an overview of top media tour companies and upcoming media tours to help take your brand to the next level. Get quick intros and pricing information.

Request Proposals (RFP)

Request proposals and compare VNR, SMT, RMT and broadcast integrations opportunities with ease. 

Broadcast Connections

Broadcast Connections
Broadcast Connections
Broadcast Connections
Broadcast Connections
Broadcast Connections
Broadcast Connections

Need More Help With Broadcast?

Aren't sure how to make it all happen? Access our experts for pitching guidance for top morning shows and beyond. Or, use our booking service to run highly efficient campaigns.